roper mountain convention 2007

War of Worlds Scope

Each Fall the ATS has held its annual meeting in proximity to historic observatories and astronomical instrumentation in the United States, Canada, and more recently, in Europe. The Society also rotates its meetings to varying locations to best accommodate the access to its many far spread members. The meetings generally cover 3-6 days, depending on location, scheduled papers and events, and span over a weekend. Below are the next upcoming meeting locations.

2007 – Roper Mountain Science Center,
Greenville, SC, USA / Sept. 14 – 17
“War of Worlds ‘Scope” ATS Convention will be held at Roper Mountain Science Center, Greenville, SC, home of the 23-inch Clark formerly at Princeton University. We are currently working on program and lodging details. For further information contact ATS Secretary Walter Breyer.

2007 ATS Convention Speakers & Registration

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